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In Loving Memory of Romeo Daniel Matara

February 11, 1964 - August 16, 2022

To keep Romeo Daniel Matara's Legacy alive, we decided to create a website where you can come anytime you are missing him and view pictures and videos. You can also add your own pictures and videos and share stories about him and interact with others in his honor. If you are ever feeling lonely know that he is looking over each and every one of us. 

Some wise words he said before he left us in regards to mourning were:

"The thing is he will never be gone because he is in our hearts...and through memories of him, he'll live until the last one that knew him will pass" - Romeo Matara

In that spirit, I would like to welcome you to share your memories to keep him alive in our hearts.

Thank you.


In Romeo Daniel Matara's spirit, we created a shop where you can donate or purchase items inspired by his distinct taste. All proceeds will be sent to the American Cancer Society in his name. 

Additionally, if you would like to share your favorite memory of Romeo Daniel Matara, either click the Tab Memory Share or follow the button below.

Lastly, feel free to upload your favorite photos of Romeo Daniel Matara on our Shared Gallery. You can like and comment on pictures posted by others or post your own photos. If you have a video or document you'd like to share go to the File Share Tab.

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